The 5 keys to realizing your worth

The 5 keys to realizing your worth


The 5 keys to realizing your worth are only for the person with a big heart, if that’s not you then feel free to keep browsing the web.  We have so much potential and I only wish for you to see yourself the way that your true loved ones would see you.  I’m not a guru or a clairvoyant or any better than you. I’m just a person that went through some difficult times and was fortunate enough to learn from my experiences and I would like to share these lessons with you.

Key #1

Spend time alone

We have way too many influences these days and it is hard to decipher what ideas are truly our own. Spending time alone allows for you to discover yourself, your inner thoughts and your life goals.  It will help you enjoy your own company so that you will never be bored or in need of someone else to feel fulfilled (I’m talking to you extroverts). Put on your favorite tunes and dance around, crack open that book you always meant to read or if you really want to dive in just sit in silence. If it isn’t already natural for you to be alone, you should schedule alone time every week without cancelling on yourself because those “me time” meetings are going to be the most important. We usually flake on things and people that don’t mean much to us, so if you manage to flake on yourself what does that say about your relationship with you?

Key #2

Be able to Say No

When you have strong feelings of not wanting to do something for someone, then you shouldn’t do it. If the end result is going to be that you feel bad or upset then you shouldn’t do it. Making someone else happy at the cost of your own happiness is like siphoning gas out of your car to put it in someone else’s tank, for them to be able to get to where they need to go but leaving you stranded. Think about all the times that you did something for someone else and didn’t feel happy about it or appreciated and you were left feeling drained and miserable. Chances are if you are in that type of funk you aren’t going to feel like doing much else. Saying no to the things that you don’t want leaves more room for you to be able to say yes to the things that you do want. It is ok to choose you!

Key #3

Write Down Your Thoughts

Writing is a stress reliever, think of it as the cheapest form of therapy. It allows you to put whatever is on your mind down on paper so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore.  Your mind knows that you have whatever it is written down somewhere so you no longer have to keep it in the fore front of your thoughts.  Writing down your thoughts is not only calming but also serves as a great point of reference. Our memories are not always reliable which makes keeping a journal of your days and thoughts a very useful practice. You are able to look back at how you felt or thought at a specific time and see how much has changed or remained the same, which then allows you to figure out the whys or why nots in your life. Going back and reading your previous thoughts will also make you more of an understanding person because when you notice that you do not feel the same as you use to it will open your mind to be more understanding and aware of different perspectives of yourself and others.

Key #4


Straight off the bat, let me tell you that meditation is NOT about trying to control your thoughts or clearing your mind, it’s not really possible either. Our brains are constantly running, even when we are asleep. Meditation is about observing yourself, your thoughts, your body, your breath. You can visualize to go back to a memory or to create a memory for something that you haven’t done yet. You can also just be completely present in your surroundings and pay attention to the sounds, the smells and the feeling of being exactly where you are. In short, meditation is a way of slowing down to focus.

Key #5

Trust Your Truth

I am just going to assume that you are aware that everyone is different, which would mean that everyone has a different point of view. Since everyone is different with different points of view then we can conclude that we all have different definitions of what is true for us individually. In short, what makes you happy may not make your mother or friends happy. What I’m getting at here is that since you are the only you, there has to be a reason for that, so you should trust in yourself and do what feels right for you. Don’t be ashamed or shy of what you have been through because your existence is the sum of all your experiences, good and bad.